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Information regarding the privacy policy of Hiroshima Kannon Marina.

About privacy policy

The Hiroshima Kowan Kanri Center Co Ltd. (hereinafter referred as our company) owns the websites of the following domains and manages these websites.
Hiroshima Kannon Marina website (hereinafter referred as our website)
We understand the importance and necessity of protecting personal information. In order to properly manage and safeguard the private data provided by the customers through business activities, we have established a policy for its protection and have educated our officers and employees about the same. In addition, we will actively utilize this data that we receive from the customers, to improve the services.
The privacy policy about the purpose and the method by which the data that is gathered when a customer registers on our website to access various services and our policy of safeguarding the individual’s data, is as follows:
We will post the privacy policy on our website so that the customers can go through it whenever they want.
The privacy policy may be revised as per legal requirements or as a part of administrative decision.
After revising the privacy policy, the revised version will be posted on company’s website, so that you can confirm those revised items.

1.Purpose of collecting personal information

“Personal information” stated in this privacy policy is an information (Including the details with which individual can be identified by easily collating those details with other information even if the individual cannot be identified with this information alone) among personal information such as name, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail address that can identify specific individual.
Customers are not required to provide personal information when accessing and viewing company’s website. However, customer may have to provide personal information to our website to use the services provided on the website.
Personal information provided by the customer may be used in the following cases.
To serve better quality of products and services that please our customers, by understanding their opinion to ascertain the same.
To develop new services and expand content of our website, and to get feedback from us for achieving the same.
To notify customers about our website and to update them with news, events, etc. related to our products and services.
To deliver the goods as ordered/ as demanded by the customers.
To respond to the customer inquiries.
In addition, a statistical processing may be performed on customer’s personal information in a form without disclosing the individual’s identity, and the data may be provided to our company and domestic or overseas affiliates. Further, even if there is a necessity for this information to be disclosed with the management or for such similar purposes as for statistical processing, academic research or market research, it will be in a statistical format that does not reveal any personal information of any user, whatsoever.

Regarding access logs files
The access log files will be used for analysis of website usage trends, site management, and collection of wide demographic information. This will allow us to obtain statistical data of the site’s usage such as visited pages, time on page, location just before accessing the site, trend of page’s transition, most frequent browsers or operating system etc. However, it will not be used for collecting personal identification information.

2.Management and sharing of personal information

In principle, we do not provide your personal information gathered on our website to a third party in a different way than what is mentioned in this privacy statement. However, in cases where it is deemed logical to disclose the information as described below, we may disclose customer’s personal information as an exception.
When customer himself/herself consents the disclosure of information in advance.
When it is necessary to disclose the information according to laws and ordinances.
When customer violates terms and conditions of our website and the disclosure of information is required to protect the rights, properties, services of our company and our employees.
If the disclosure of information is necessary for the protection of a human life, system or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself/herself.
If the disclosure of information is necessary for improvement of public health or promoting the healthy development of the children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself/herself.
When it is necessary to cooperate with the government agencies or local governments or any such legal representative and obtaining the consent of the person may hinder the execution of the official work.
When it is necessary to respond to requests from public agencies that are made to our company and to those who operate our website.
Please feel free to contact on below mail address for inquiries on matters other than the above or for any unclear points.

3.Technical and administrative measures concerning protection of personal information

Following measures are taken in handling your personal information on our website to ensure safety against loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or destruction of personal information.
We do not disclose any personal information that the customer has provided to us through our website or such other data except for the aforementioned usage purposes, to any entity from outside at all.
We do our best to safeguard your personal information against hacking, bugs and from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or corrupted from our website.
We periodically back up the personal information and use updated anti-virus software to prevent loss, theft, leak, alter or destruction of your personal information.
We continuously engage in activities to comply with the privacy policy through internal training and audit programs.

4.Updating the privacy policy

Any change in the privacy policy will be published on the company website. You can always access the policy on method and use of privacy information that is regularly updated on the site. Please check the policy on a regular basis. Also, in circumstances or events wherein personal information has been or will be used in a manner different from the one stated at the time of collection, would also be posted on the company’s website. Customers have the option to choose whether this website can use personal information in a different way.

5.Opinions, complaints, objections concerning privacy

Please contact us through inquiries () if you think that the privacy statement published on this website is not observed. After checking the contents, we will contact you via e-mail and strive for appropriate processing.

6.Inquiries concerning privacy statement

We welcome opinions, reviews, suggestions from customers regarding our “Privacy statement”.

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